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Crystal Mosser



"You probably think this is a story about Crystal Mosser, the songbird who made her start in Washington theater and who has since made it big in New York and elsewhere. Or that it is about how I saw her in Indiana, as an Equity actor performing the Dolly Parton role in 9 to 5. But you’re wrong. It’s a story about how smart I am." -Tim Treanor, 2013

F#@king Up Everything

"Crystal Mosser as Juliana is a drop-dead gorgeous blond – every pubescent male’s fantasy in the flesh. But a stunningly beautiful actress has a problem. Her beauty is a constant threat to overwhelm the authenticity of the character. Not a problem for Mosser. In the same way that Praley just simply is a nerdy, hilarious guy, Mosser is just a girl like any other girl looking for something real in a relationship rather than life being one big chemistry lesson. She carries it off beautifully rather than showing off her beauty." -DC Theatre Scene

Musical '9 to 5' puts bosses in their place, way back when

"If Crystal Mosser has any reservations about stepping into the role of the country music legend as Doralee Rhodes, it certainly doesn’t show. Marching on stage with all the presence and personality as Parton herself, Mosser offers a wonderful performance. Her voice is simply show stopping."

Power and Grace: Vocal dynamo Mosser loving opportunity to play same role as Hepburn and Kelly

“Vocally, she has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard,” said Hodge, who is spending his fifth summer directing at Mac-Haydn. “That’s why I brought her up here last summer to do ‘Phantom.’ She also exemplifies that quality, that Grace Kelly-esque quality if that’s the right way to put it. She’s lovely, and she also has that dry wit and a great sense of humor.”

Laughing Daughter's creators talk about its first production

"We were both blown away by Crystal Mosser, who played Jolene. Her soaring rendition of Scrapbook gave us goosebumps and joy! She has a great future in the theatre.." 

Mason Street Warehouse finds its muse

"Rapier and Mosser cackle and literally chew the scenery as the evil women who plot the downfall of their sister by trying to get her to violate Zeus' commands that a muse must never create art, never reveal herself as a Muse, and never, ever fall in love with a mortal. Mosser's horn-rimmed glasses and obsession with her own breasts makes her the comedic side-kick to Rapier, whose commanding presence ensures that the path to paradise won't be easy."

David Regano's Theatre Reviews

"Crystal Mosser's manic performance of the other most-famous piece of music in the show, "Glitter and Be Gay" received one of the longest ovations I've had the pleasure of participating in."

Theatre Review: XANADU

"...I am unable to properly praise the actress portraying the two villainous sisters whose comic interpretations stole the show. I did not catch their names, only that they were the muses of Tragedy and Epic."


"If this show was nothing more than an opportunity to hear Mosser sing Meal Ticket songs, it would be well worth the $15 price of admission. The operatic Mosser appears to have about a four-octave range, and every note she hits is like a ringtone from heaven. Whats more, she invests her character with good humor and pluck, which if youd been watching Musical of Musicals (the Musical!), youd know this is de rigueur for musicals."

DC Theater Reviews

"His love interest Juliana, played by the adorable Crystal Mosser, had the most genuine fake laugh I've ever heard."

-Bright Young Things


"Crystal Mosser is vibrant with a charming disbelieving laugh as love interest Juliana. " -Capital Fringe Review: F#@king Up Everything: DCist

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